(In Development)
Designer / Developer, Personal Project

Comms are lost with a research colony on a remote ice planet. You arrive to investigate. Explore, upgrade, and brave challenging obstacles and creatures as you seek answers to a strange mystery: what happened on planet Coradryde III?

Golem Creation Kit
(PC and Mac, 2017)
2D Artist / Animator

Defend yourself from angry mobs by building the ultimate golem. Responsible for creating and animating the over 20 unique golems. I also created the over 30 Steam achievements for the game, and assisted with other game-related art.

Somewhere in the Distance
(PC, 2016)
Designer / Developer, Personal Project

An adventure platformer that focuses on a boy searching for his brother. Contains traditional platforming gameplay with old-school challenge and a thoughtful story. Developed solely by me in a span of three years during and after high school.

(PC, 2016)
AI and UI Programmer / 2D Artist

A heavily stylized first-person horror shooter game, made using Unreal Engine 4. The game was made in four months by a team of four, including myself, during my studies at Vancouver Film School.

Battleship Noir
(Web, 2015)
Designer / Developer

Find the detective's missing items in this uniquely-themed version of Battleship! Developed as a web-based game primarily using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.